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Three Day Qeshm & Hormuz Island nature and Cultural Tour


+All tours depart from Qeshm city, and we pick you up from your place.


One-day nature tour


1- Khorbas cave

2-Stars valley

3- Naz Islands

4-Mangrove forest

5-Historical village of Laft

6-Traditional ship factory

7-Chah kouh canyon


We will take southern coastal road to khorbas caves, 2800 years old natural, part man-made caves, to walk into the series of tunnels caves among ancient carved art on walls of caves.

Five Km away from khorbas caves we will arrive to one of cleanest village in Qeshm island in north part of village there is amazing stars valley, rare geological phenomenal as same as valleys in America, 2 Million years old originated from erosion soil, sand stone caused by rain and storm is a rare masterpiece of nature in beautiful Qeshm Island.

Naz island beach is next place you will put your food on, at low tide, you can stroll on the soft sand full of colorful seashells and coral to the Island.

Right In the other side of Island Historical Laft village situated, village of wind tower, after checking ancient Tala wells and ruins of Nadari castle is the first thing we do, walking throw several centuries old neighborhood of Laft is one of the nice experiences in Qeshm Island.

Before mangrove forest we will go to nearest village to for lunch, tasting traditional foods in traditional restaurant with native architecture best experience of local lifestyle atmosphere, After a short break we will go to Soheili harbor to take a boat into the mangrove forest, 8000 hectare big, going throw the trees with boat and seeing wild life, different kinds of birds is the part of mangrove forest witch every tourist remembers.

Last step of our tour is wonderful Chah kouh canyon, this canyon is created in a layer of sandstone cracked and cuts have been made due to erosion, one of the best Attractions of Qeshm Island, seeing the sunset on top of the canyon with a nice view of see will end our journey.



  • Tour guide
  • Regular transportation
  • lunch



  • Fee Entrances
  • Water


Where & When:

Meet up Location:  Your address in Qeshm (Hotel, airport)

End Location: Your address in Qeshm Island

Duration: 1 Day

* You can discuss the Date & Time before purchasing the tour





list of Qeshm attractions:

  • Chah kouh
  • Star valley
  • Khorbas cave
  • Salt dome
  • Hara forest
  • Tala wells
  • Naderi castle
  • Naz island
  • Hengam island
  • Tandis-ha valley (statue valley)
  • Laft (wind catcher tower city)

Hormuz island attractions

  • Statue valley
  • Nadalian museum
  • Salt cave
  • Salt dome
  • Rainbow valley
  • Red sand factory
  • Portuguese Castle